Monday, November 5, 2012

ONGC Paper 4 Nov 2012 - Programming

 This section having the review of the technical section of the Progarmming discipline of the written test conducted by ONGC on 4 Nov 2012

ONGC conducted the written test for the post of GT(graduate trainee) on 04 Nov 2012 . The short review of the paper is given below. For the next round 

1:3 ratio candidates will be selected for the interview in various disciplines according to their respective vacancies.  The result of the test will be announced in the last of week of December or latest by January.

A) General Awareness click here

B) Technical section

Please write below in comment if you have questions.

C) Aptitude click here


  1. 1.The postfix form of (A+B)*(C*D-E)*F/G is (ANS)AB+CD*E-FG/**
    2 one numerical question based on LRU PAGE FAULT algo
    3(734)8=(?)16 (Ans)1DC
    4 the operator that can not overload is a)++ b):: c)() Ans)b
    5)an operating system contains 3 user process each requiring 2units of resource R. THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF units of R such that no deadlock will occur is--Ans)4

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  3. what will the approximate cut off for programming stream...