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ONGC  has been announced the written test for the various posts of the graduate trainee.  The model papers for the mechanical engineering candidates are given below….
   Here some subject questions are given rest of the question will be in model paper-2.

                                           Mechanical engineering model paper

 1. Time dependent permanent deformation is called ________________.
      (a) Plastic deformation            (b) Elastic deformation
       (c) Creep                                (d) Anelastic deformation
    ANS: C

2. Figure-out the odd point in the following
     (a) Proportinal limit                     (b) Elastic limit
     (c) Yeild point                             (d) Fracture point
      ANS: D

3. If a material is subjected to two incremental true strains namely ε1 and ε2, then the total true strain is
         (a) ε1 * ε2              (b) ε1 - ε2              (c) ε1 + ε2                               (d) ε1 / ε2
        ANS: C

4. Engineering stress-strain curve and True stress-strain curve are equal up to
       (a) Proportional limit              (b) Elastic limit                                     
        c) Yeild point                         (d) Tensile strength point

5. Value of Poisson’s ratio for ionic solids in the range of
      (a) 0.1       (b) 0.2            (c) 0.3                 (d) 0.4

6. Hydrostatic stress results in the following
     (a) Linear strain                                 (b) Shear strain
      (c) Both linear and shear strains       (d) None

7. High elastic modulus in materials arises from
       (a) High strength of bonds               (b) Weak bonds
       (c) combination of bonds                 (d) None
    ANS: A

8. Change in elastic modulus for ordinary materials between 0K and melting point is
     (a) 10-20% increase                  (b) 10-20% decrease
     (c) 80-90% decrease                 (d) 80-90% increase
    ANS: B

9. Bauschinger effect

      (a) Hysteresis loss during loading and unloading
     (b) Anelastic deformation
     (c) Dependence of yield stress on path and direction
     (d) None

10. Shape of true stress-strain curve for a material depends on
        (a) Strain                                 (b) Strain rate
        (c) Temperature                       (d) All
      ANS: D

11. Toughness of a material is equal to area under ____________ part of the stress-strain curve.
         (a) Elastic            (b) Plastic                (c) Both                (d) None
    ANS: C

12. True stress-strain curve need to be corrected after
       (a) Elastic limit               (b) Yield limit
       (c) Tensile strength          (d) no need to correct
    ANS: C

13. Following condition represents onset of necking
         (a) εu = n       (b) εu = 1-n             (c) εu = 1+n               (d) εu = ln (1+n)
      ANS: A

14. As compared with conventional stress-strain curve, the true stress-strain curve is
         (a) Above and right                  (b) Below and right
         (c) Above and left                    (d) Below and left
       ANS: C

15. According to distortion-energy criterion, yielding occurs when
        (a) Distortion energy reaches a critical value
        (b) Second invariant of the stress deviator exceeded some critical value
        (c) Octahedral shear stress reaches a critical value
        (d) All
   ANS: D

16. von Mises and Tresca criteria give different yield stress for
      (a) Uni-axial stress                  (b) Balanced bi-axial stress
      (c) Pure shear stress                (d) All

17. Plastic deformation results from the following
         (a) Slip              (b) Twinning             (c) Both               (d) None
    ANS: C

18. Time dependent recoverable deformation under load is called ____________ deformation.
       (a) Elastic                                 (b) Anelastic
       (c) Elastic after-effect               (d) Visco-elastic
    ANS: B

                                   click for MODEL PAPER -2.

The rest of the subject question will be updates later please keep in touch the post and wait for updating.
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