Monday, November 5, 2012

ONGC Paper 4 Nov 2012 - civil Engineering

This section having the review of the technical section of the CIVIL ENGINEERING discipline of the written test conducted by ONGC on 4 Nov 2012

ONGC conducted the written test for the post of GT(graduate trainee) on 04 Nov 2012 . The short review of the paper is given below. For the next round 
1:3 ratio candidates will be selected for the interview in various disciplines according to their respective vacancies.  The result of the test will be announced in the last of week of December or latest by January.  this post based on the  content provide by Mr.GAURAV.
as the paper consist three parts the two parts already given in the previous post you can check by click here .

A) General Awareness click here

                              b) Technical Section: CIVIL

please write here i you have remembered any questions 

C) Aptitude click here


  1. i am writing some question
    1) given porosity n=0.5 and saturation 90% find out % air void
    ans .......5%

    2)spire test
    ans....... horizontal axis is not perpendicular to vertical axis

    3)Earth radius is considered in

    ans ...... Geodetic survey

    4) Why BOD test is preferred over COD test.

    5) B.S given of A suppose x and F.S of inverted staff placing top of tunnel Y what is the RL.

    ans...... x+y . actually i forgot data x was around 3.65 and y was 1.55 i think

    6) equal precipitation


    7) blue baby syndrome
    ans..... Nitrate but i think there was not nitrate option but nitrogen was there.

    8)pheratic surface
    ans ....parabola

    9) angle in lacing system

    ans......40-70 degree

    10)one question on ans was shear center

    11) critical section shear in footing

    12) code use for aggregate

    13)distance of visible horizon from given top

    14)rectangular channel given depth 1.5 m what is critical energy

    ans...... 1.5 y = 2.25 m

    16) triangular weir
    Q directly propotional to y to the power 2.5

    17)condition for stream line, path line same?

    18)pycnometer test
    ans..... specific gravity and water content

    19) outer side of three

    ans bark

    20) workability test

    ans .... slump test

    21)strength of concrete is inversely proportional to w/c ratio/

    21) most important constituent of cement

    22) over hang beam what is shear force at center.

    23)consolidated undrain test .. first stage drainage allowed but second stage not

    24) direct shear test plotting of mohr circle.

    25) hydraulic gradient i and saturated density was given what is seepage force?

    26)gravity force is greater than buoyancy force what will be final state of object?

    confusing depends upon depth density of water increase but most appropriate settle down

    27)westergaard equation best suited for
    ans...... silty and clay soil

    28) given some condition and final settlement of sil condition change but final settlement will not change.

    29) reconnaissance which leveling ?

    30) two inacessible point given which method is used?

    ans ....... i think two point problem

    31)one question was on criteria of slab bar diameter.

    32) % of carbon increase effect on strength and ductility .

    33) polar moment inertia Ix+Iy

    34) one question on arch support ...... i am not able to remember

    35) stiffness two fixed support and one was pin 11EI/L

    36)question on given vertical and horizontal stiffener requirement according to given built up section.

    37) setting time increase

    ans .... add gypsum

    38)soundness test...... Le Chatelier's

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