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ONGC Paper 4 Nov 2012 - All Discipline

ONGC conducted the written test for the post of GT(graduate trainee) on 04 Nov 2012 . The short review of the paper is given below. For the next round 1:3 ratio candidates will be selected for the interview in various disciplines according to their respective vacancies.  The result of the test will be announced in the last of week of December or latest by January.

The review of the paper is given below. The duration of the written test was 3 hours consisting 150 questions. The question paper has no negative marking.

There is no sectional cut-off.

 Technical questions
    Non technical questions

General Studies
Quantitative aptitude
Logical reasoning
No of questions

(80 Marks)
(40 Marks)
(24 marks)
(6 marks)

150 questions
 3 hours

 Non technical questions

A)General awareness- This section of the paper consists the general awareness questions related to History, Geography, Life Science, Economics, political science and Current awareness.

Review-  this section experienced with some difficult questions as the reviews of a span of the students. The question related to the life sciences have more weight age than other one. But questions are no easy.
รจ few questions are of matching types and others are multiple choice questions.
       1 . ICC prestigious award
2. GSAT-70
3. Badami Caves in whose Regime
4. National Glag of india beared by whom at closing of London Olympics.
5. One book The Partition of india, written by whom(I dont remember exact name)
6. Book Innihilation of Castes written by whom
7. Matching like Kandla port where etc...
8. Writ or order which article of constitution
9. CAG in which article of Constitution
10.khaira disease in rice due to deficiency of which?

And some other questions like above.
B)-  Technical section for the respective discipline consists of the 80 question having the weight age of the 80 marks. The section are not difficult but vary by discipline by discipline.

1) Electronics click here   
2) Mechanical click here

3) Electrical click here

4) Programming click here

5) Civil Engineering click here

       And others……………
C)- Aptitude section-:
   This section is not very difficult and experienced easy as compared to the general awareness section which consists some difficult questions.
     The questions in this section is normal aptitude questions from the different sections as time distance, profit-loss, work-time, probability and some others  as asked in the  PSU’s Exams .
 Paper have no negative marking so the cut off will be higher than as usual. But general awareness questions have some difficult questions it reduces the cut 0ff by 5 marks as expected. And dependent of the discipline the cut off will vary according to their vacancies and level of the technical section.
Expected cut offs
Mechanical- 65-90
Electrical  70-100
Electronics 75- 100
Programming 75-100
This cut off is just expectation of the few candidates not an actual data.

Please write your on cutoff in the comment line.  

You can write here any query in this post. Your suggestions are invited if you have. And also if you want to remove or add some contents in this page please write us at
                       Review by Readers:-

General awareness  answers:

1- icc emerging palyer-    sunil nariana

2-  Badami Caves in whose Regime?-chalukya

3-  National Glag of india beared by whom at closing of London Olympics-mary kom

4- Book Innihilation of Castes written by whom-.B.R Ambedkar

5- kandla port-gujarat

6- supreme court judiciary article-137

7- cu-87%,tin-10%,and lead-3%........  BRONZE

8- khaira disease in rice due to deficiency of which?- zinc

9-CAG in which article of Constitution?- 148

10- One book The Partition of india, written by whom?- manto

11-  Writ or order which article of constitution?- article 32 

12. vice president election can be challenged before - Supreme Court of India 

13- . One long on Parliament and President

15-. Chilka Lake- Orissa and other Lake

16- Sierra leone africa

17- shakespear play-hamlet

18 Nam summit-iran

19-body mass index-square of the height

20-Which of following carries oxygenated blood tp heart (right/left auricle/ventricle) 

21- covalent bond -metal

22- Two continent city- Istanbul

23-microorganism causing food poisoning is butulism.

24-Ants go in line_-- nzymes

25- Glass etching done by : hydroflouro acid 

26- blue vitroil-Copper Sulphate

27-  highest cholestrol in which?- HDL

28- widal test is conducted for diagnosis of typhoid.

29-President election by:50 proposer-50 selector 

30-Star moving away from earth,wavelength: increase 

31-Which is largest producer of uranium :kazakistan

32-Negative service tax: no tax is levied 

33- Employment scheme 2005:Mahatma Gandhi nation rojgar guarantee scheme

34- Order of precedence: supreme court,union minister,cabinet secretay,chief election commisiioner

35-Who was inspired by gitanjali :keats 

36-President ordinace valid for:6 weeks 

37-Which is not an epic:ramayan,mahabharat,beuwolf,canterburry tales (cant .tales





1.question of angle-48

2.contractor related problem-2yrs2months

3.problem related with distance -25km

4.questions related to find min. amt of money-2100

5.problem related to find time taken by ball from plane at speed700km/hr at 1000mts high.

Please write here if you have more questions or want to add/ modify on any answer.. and also try to share the aptitude and technical questions also.. thanks

Thanks Note- 

   -  It was a time when after giving the i am searching the questions's answer. but i able to get those few questions answer which i have remembered that is max 40-50%. then i think that idea to write the blog to possible to these things. because when we are going to exams we searching the previous years paper and after spending the lot of time we are not able to get any correct data. i think that this will help the new comers for the next years. and also helpful for the matching the answer.     and this seems to be possible with help of all of you who contribute to share your idea for grown up my idea. i am  thankful to all of you.   if you want to share anything through this blog please write us. i will add you as AUTHOR.


Anurudh Tiwari


  1. ece cutoff could be around 85-90...

    1. ee cut off around 90...

      plz write aptitude qstn s...???

    2. ECE cut off more than 100

  2. technical section
    this section had abundance of questions from communication(mobile n digital),microwave,waveguides n 8086.weightage from
    popular topics like analg,control,n/w,edc were low.this paper looked more like bel one rather than other psu's.i can't say abt others but if i have to prepare for a psu the topic which i would go for at the end would be communication,antenna,8086 etc. coz usually question from these topics don't come too often.although most of the questions were theoritical but some the options seemed really close.i would also be disappointed at noot seeing analog n n/ overall i can assess that technical can't be seen as easy walkover although some who have gone through stuff like comm.,antenna,8086 would find it if some1 scores around 60(75%),i would say it is a very good performance.
    general awareness
    well this section was what i should say pretty nerdy.some real strange question like tagore n shakespaere 1 but that's gs afterall.20+ score would be good one n 25+ would mean that person had devoted good time to gs.
    reasoning and english
    most of the reasoning question were easy but some were real hard nut to crack.out of 24 question atleast 15-16 would be really easy and around 4-5 would be moderate with few tough questions.good score here would be around 20+.
    english passage can't be seen as an easy 1.few questions were really tricky as several options could have been the ans. so here 4+ would be a good performance
    overall 24+ in reasoning and english would be a good performance.

    1. great job! thanks gaurav providing a most valuable data....

  3. cut off n result will be later,
    please discuss about some ans.....

  4. plsa discuss general awareness answers friends

  5. discuss all GK questions plz..

    some of them i remember

    1. ICC prestigious award
    2. GSAT-70
    3. Badami Caves in whose Regime
    4. National Glag of india beared by whom at closing of London Olympics.
    5. One book The Partition of india, written by whom(I dont remember exact name)
    6. Book Innihilation of Castes written by whom
    7. Matching like Kandla port where etc...
    8. Writ or order which article of constitution
    9. CAG in which article of Constitution
    10.khaira disease in rice due to deficiency of which?

  6. wat about finance paer, any feedback?? i did around 55 correct, rest not sure

  7. icc-sunial narine
    gsat-ol r correct
    flag in london-mary kom
    inhilation of casts-b.r ambedkar
    kandla port-gujarat
    supreme court judiciry artcicle-137
    cag articale-148

    1. please write your name. so that if any one can ask your doubt easily..


      i dont remmbr questoins bt my gk n apti was gud around 50-55/70 for sure bt tech doublt...
      please post questionns

  8. 1. highest cholestrol in which?
    2. blue vitroil
    3. dam and river was mentioned, like mahandi, satluj etc. which was not matched correctly

  9. icc ws virat kohli
    GSAT 70 wle me 101 wala wrong tha
    writ or order k rticle 32 hai

    except for these three, wat ever u hve mentioned are correct

    ya right, please mention ur name as well...

    Rahul Soni

  10. blue vitroil-Copper Sulphate

    Rahul Soni

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. epic- tales
    shakespear play-merchan
    non aligned moment summit -iran
    covalent bond -metal
    body mass index-square of the height
    oxygenated blood in heart-

  13. hii what about cut off

  14. icc emerging palyer-sunil nariana

    Highest cholestorl_HDL

    Glass can be etched by hydrofluorosilic acid

  15. Question was ICC Prestigious award given to whom.

    See below link

    Rahul Soni

  16. 1. vice president election can be challenged before - Supreme Court of India
    2. One long on Parliament and President
    3. Chilka Lake- Orissa and other Lake
    4. Sierra Leone africa

    rahul Soni

  17. guys almost 25 covered in 40 gk,
    so pls do share ur questoins

    And ANURUDH pls do consolidate all..


    1. thanks SATHI,
      i will give the final answer after getting few more questions.

  18. Two continent city_Istanbul
    Food Poisoning Acid_?
    Ants go in line_ Enzymes
    Nagarjuna Sagar Dam_Caveti(wrong)..._Krishna(Right)


  19. Cu,Tin composition_Bronze


  20. copper, tin and zinc tha ya bronze tha?? what was its answer?

  21. cu-87%,tin-10%,and lead-3%........
    Ans is BRONZE


  22. above mentioned ques no. 6,
    article 137 wala, could anyone plz tell me more abt dis question...actually m not able to recollect it..

    1. under article 137 ,SC will resolve the disputes against vise president election

  23. 1.what are services in the negative list of finance ministry?
    2.min. no. of resources in a 3 process system to avoid race condition? down parser.
    4.time complexity of merge sort.
    5.representation of FFH.
    6.mineral mostly found in sourthen most part of india. related to ghandhi..can't remember

  24. top down parser! wat s dis pls?

    1. sorry ... it was a question of programming section.

  25. anyone appeared for finance stream? wat abt its expected cut off?

  26. widal test
    fasting blood sugar
    seven sisters
    preZ selection 50-50 proposers and seconders


  27. widal test me options kya kya thi?

  28. what about techanical questions

  29. there is a rumour that ELECTRONICS and E&T papers were it true?

    1. yes there is two paper
      2.electronics and telecommunication(little bit tough)

  30. widal test is conducted for diagnosis of typhoid.
    microorganism causing food poisoning is butulism.
    hamlet is the novel in which there is death by poisoning.
    manto is the author of partition of india.

  31. in aptitude section
    1.question of angle-48
    2.contractor related problem-2yrs2months
    3.problem related with distance -25km
    4.questions related to find min. amt of money-2100
    5.problem related to find time taken by ball from plane at speed700km/hr at 1000mts high.


    1. max marks in gs is 40 lol

    2. general category cut of 100

    3. in 150 max 100 cutoff cant possible it wud be 75-95.

  33. 1. Badami caves built by :chaulkyas

    2. Which statement in correct for GSAT 10 :launched by atlas-5(actually ariane 5)

    3. Olympic 2012 closing ceremony indian flagbearer : Mary kom 0

    Tweet 0
    4. Nam summit: Iran

    5. Employment scheme 2005:Mahatma Gandhi nation rojgar guarantee scheme

    6. Vice president election can be disputed in:Supreme court

    7. Glass etching done by : hydroflouro acid

    8. Incorrect Matching of dams: 1.nagarjun dam on cauvery(is actually on Krishna) 2.hirakud dam on Mahanadi 3. Bhakranagal on Sutlej 4. One more on godaveri

    9. Ants follow a line due to secretion of :pheromone (a type of hormone)

    10. Duties and power of CAG :article 149

    11. Writ :article 32

    12. Order of precedence: supreme court,union minister,cabinet secretay,chief election commisiioner

    13. Speech on Annihilation of caste:B.R.Ambedkar

    14. Who was inspired by gitanjali :keats

    15. Which is not an epic:ramayan,mahabharat,beuwolf,canterburry tales (cant .tales)

    16. Which of following carries oxygenated blood tp heart (right/left auricle/ventricle)

    17. Food poisoning bacteria: collistridum botullim

    18. Khaira diese : deficiency of zinc

    19. Match on port of india like pradip port,etc

    20. Match on place like national cellular jail,chilka lake, one fort,etc

    21. Arrange the Speed of ram, floppy ,harddisk,cache

    22. WIDAL test for:typhoid

    23. President ordinace valid for:6 weeks

    24. President election by:50 proposer-50 selector

    25. Fasting blood sugar level for: diabetes

    26. Mineral found in cape comrin of which india is one of the largest producer (lignite,bauxite,etc ?)

    27. Chemical compositonis of:brass,bronze,gunmetal?

    28. Star moving away from earth,wavelength: increase

    29. Which city is situated pn two continents?istambul

    30. Which is largest producer of uranium :kazakistan

    31. One question on seirre lion

    32. Emerging cricketer by icc :sunil nareine

    33. Negative service tax: no tax is levied

    34. Which shakespear play poison was used:Hamlet

    1. thanks for giving more information. please write your name. so the readers able to ask your doubt..

    2. thanks a lot rohan i have shared technical question here please have a discuss or u can approach me on

  34. Guys discuss technical paper also.........
    eg. which waveguide has max attenuation , micro processor problems before they skip from our mind


  35. finance paper was bit easy. easily attemptable...i did atleast 55-60 right. wat abt u guys???

    Rahul Soni

    1. thats good.. paper was little tricky n conceptual... options were closed too. 55-60 is good to score.

  36. cut off will be around 62-64 %

  37. Can anyone say the answer keys of the passage...I did one c,one B and rest are A..............

    Please write questions and answers of aptitude section.

  38. electronics cut off???????????????

  39. BHAI ,HAL ki koi jankari hai kya??????
    electronics ki kitni seats hogi???????

  40. is there anybody from hr???????????/

  41. Angle : 48

    Free fall bomb : 14 sec

    Statements : Both I and II required to reach conclusion

    One series that i remem : 1 3 7 11 21 43 85 >>> In this series third term is should b 5 ...then acc to this ans series is 4 9 17 35 69 139 277 and askd wr (f) i.e. 277
    anothr series someone already mntioned in previous post
    Probability : 1/6 (jst because it ws cleary mntnd that one 1st dice multiple f 2 and 2nd dice multiple f 3 ) othrwise answr cud b 11/36
    Number of Coaches : 49 ..... dv=k(root-number of coaches)
    Dhoni qn : 29
    Bird qn : 100 meters
    relationship qn 1.) Highest and lowst : V and U
    2.)2nd postion : W
    Books qun :1.) 5 books

    2.) 26th book( if i remem corrctly the figure numbr)
    3.) 15th from right

    4 Venn diagram qun( So hard to rem exact ans.....But it ws damn easy....last ans i remem i guess its 1 ...)..
    1 Decoding qun ws also easy
    Construction cost.....2 yrs 9 mnths...
    1 relatnshp qn : brother in law.....( This qn ws there or nt.....hehehe...or i got this frm sum othr universe)............

    Bt please cn sumone tell ans fr sweets qun : 1575 or 2100 (eehhhhhh...this qn.....m nt able to crackk......

    1. Can you say the passage answers???
      It's difficult to remember the questions.I did three questions=option A and rest two B.....Am I correct????

    2. Bird question's answer was 200 metres not 100 metres.

    3. no it is 100,both the cars travel 50m each in one hour total 100m,bird travel 100m in one hour.

    4. question was bird and car start simultaneously, when they meet together, bird comes back at the starting point and again from starting point, it goes to another side of the road, when they meet again bird comes back and the process goes on. what was the total distance covered by bird, until car reaches another point.

      Solutions is as follows:

      when bird and car starts, they meet at a distance of 66.67 m from left. means bird covered 66.67 m and car covers 33.33 meters.

      Now, bird comes back and covered 66.67 m again and car has total of 66.67 m only, but car has to travel 100 m.

      again the same process, bird covered 22.22 m and car only 11.22

      while returning back, bird covered 22.22 m and car only 11.22.

      after that bird covered 7.41 and car covered 3.70 m

      while returning back, bird covered 7.41 and car covered 3.70 m.

      again bird covered 2.8 twice (going and returning) and car covered 1.4 twice.

      again 0.9 twice by bird....

      totalling of birds is as follows: 66.66+66.67+22.22+22.22+7.41+7.40+2.80+2.80+0.9+0.9= 200 Kms.

    5. sorry 200 metres

  42. for para, i remember was:

    first question A option
    2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th questions: B option
    and last one was C option

  43. one question of % of girls passed in the exam was also there

  44. is there any sectional cuttoff for exam,then what will be the expected cuttoff for aptitude section

  45. I think the answer keys for the passage -B,C,A,A,A,A...

    What about you guys????

  46. Hi Myself Mukesh i was searching for the post related to ONGC for last 2 days but cudnt find i got this,i am posting some technical questions that came during ONGC examination please have a discuss on it and try to find more question.

    questions : Answers

    1 ) Advantage of modulation ----> false can be used for transmitting signal for long distance
    2) selectivity is done in heterodyne receiver---> IF part
    3) advantage of AM over FM--->
    4) Frequency reflected by atmosphere---- IONOSPHERE
    7) Use of VCO in PLL
    8) Hall effect-- cant measure atomic concentration
    9) n type increases Fermi level increases towards CB
    10) SLEW RATE --- DV/DT (MAX)
    11) oxide used in semiconductor-- sio2
    12) epitaxial method
    13) Shannon fa no coding---> same as Hoffman coding
    14) To reduce ISI--> my answer An Extra bit stuffing
    15) BW—Same to wave
    16) period -->2.5 sec
    17) geostationary and geosynchronous--- Directly above equatorial geostationary and any plane geosynchronous
    18) Non saturated logic ---> ECL
    19) Control system stability → value of alpha positive
    20) the value of u ---> 0.5(o.3 and 0.4)
    21) IS 95 ---> cdma
    22) GSM Uses--> fdma and tdma
    23) ku band range---> 12 to 18 GHZ
    24) Fourier transform is used ----> power signal (as finite energy)
    25) to check logic circuit--
    26) NOR gate conversion by NAND-----> Demorgans law
    27) An star moving away from observer -----> wavelength increases (doppler effect and red shift)
    28) WLAN --- 802.11
    29) graph of u(t-2)
    30) probability of 2 and 3 multiple --->5/36

    1. to reduce ISI-transmitting sinc pulse
      probability of 2 and 3 multiple 1/6

    2. from which subject these questions are my dear....
      i don't remember that they are from Electronics...

    3. digtal communication


  47. Maths Question answ.
    1)Angle : 48
    2)Free fall bomb : 14 sec
    3)Statements : Only I alone is required
    4)One series that i remem : 1 3 7 11 21 43 85
    5)Probability : 1/6
    6)Number of Coaches : 49 ..... dv=k(root-number of coaches)
    7)Dhoni qn : 29
    8)Bird qn : 200 meters
    9)relationship qn 1.) Highest and lowst : V and U
    10)2nd postion : W
    11)Books qun :Dont remem but 4 questions on it
    15) Venn diagram question: 3 questions easy one
    18) Construction cost.....2 yrs 9 mnths...
    19) Relatnshp qn : brother in law
    20) 6 question on passage was getting most of the answers as B but dont know the exact sequence.

    what was the sweets question i forget whethere it was or not just give me some hint i will try to find answer.

  48. Ek question Maximum attunation wala tha jisme mode pucha tha.Muje to aur question yaad nhi aa rhe hai but mera to TECH achha nhi hua....bahut mistake hua hai 50-70 k bich mai aayenge.Gk mai sayad 22-25 k bich mai aur Aptitude mai 20-25 k bich mai.pata nhi kya hoga...

  49. electronics obc cut off???????????????????????????????

  50. can any body enlighten me....what would be the overall expected cut-off marks for SC Candidates in HR discipline ? Guys , it will be highly appreciated if you put forth your views.

  51. hi aap bole rhe ho.To reduce ISI sinc function is used but mujhe lagta hai ki BIT Stuffing is done dont know may be aap correct ho aur kisi question k answer mai daubt hai kya..please guys share ur experince.

  52. For Finance.... Cut off will be more than 100-110
    and there will be 3-4 marks of diiffernce between OBC and General. No idea about SC/ST.

  53. wat is ans for skip distance pls rply

  54. wat is ans for fet gain

  55. What will be the cutoff of electrical

  56. chemical engineering questions
    1-film coefficient=thermal conductivity/film thickness
    2-coke is made by delayed coking
    3-correction factor for single tube pass-1
    4- order of reaction-3.5
    6-phase lag- 45 deg
    8-for efficency of carnot engine question formula was 1-(tcold/thot) answer i dont rembr
    9-for Pr>1 conduction will be within viscous sublayer
    10-sherwood number-mass transfer and momentum transfer
    11-mixed flow reactor- 5,10,15
    12-fluid energy mill-attrition
    13-kirchoff's law for black body absorptivity and emmisivity equivalence
    14-view factor concentric spheres (r1/r2)^2
    15-ficks law for molecular diffusion
    16- superheated steam is not used due to less heat transfer film coefficient
    17-limiting reactant question-.5
    18-acetyle and chlorine-vinyl chloride
    19- water gas (synthesis gas)-CO+hydrogen
    20-evaporator- for viscous fluid-backward feed
    21- for cold and viscous mixed feed
    22-pump- NPSH(cavitation question)
    23- cooling tower question- all options were correct
    24- wet bulb temperature lies between dew point and dry bulb temperature
    25-1/c vs t curve straight line for 2nd order reaction
    26-laminar flow question there is flow in direction tangential to streamline no flow across
    27-reaction constant decreses with increase in temperature for exothermic reaction
    28-on incresing temperature relative humidity increases
    29- aniline point for aromatic content of diesel
    30-for pressure drop problem pressure drop proportional to viscosity and velocity

    1. view factor concentric spheres- (R1 + R2)/R2

      rxnrate of exothermic rxn goes to maximum along adiabatic reactor.

      mixed flow reactor series 15 10 5 as conversion is directly proportional to V in case of CSTR

    2. sorry
      rxn rate of exothermic rxn passes through maximum along adiabatic reactor.

    3. petroleum coke from residue- pyrolysis
      ref. GATE 1991 CH paper

    4. sorry GATE 1992

    5. The optimum size ratio for two mixed flow reactors in series is found in general
      to be dependent on the kinetics of the reaction and on the conversion level. For
      the special case of first-order reactions equal-size reactors are best; for reaction
      orders n > 1 the smaller reactor should come first; for n < 1 the larger should
      come first courtesy-octave levenspiel page no.-134

  57. view factor problem
    from reciprocity theorm
    so F21=A2/A1

  58. Replies
    1. one more qs on COD i.e. chemical used in the test of COD:
      both options KMnO4 and K2Cr2O7 are rite but K2Cr2O7 mostly preferd over KMnO4.

  59. bring forward more questions of chemical eng. come on chemineers

  60. Some more qs.

    By product of wet process for the production of phosphoric acid- Gypsum

    After absorption ammonia is removed from- Distillation

    catalyst used in the production of Nitric acid 97%- platinum/rhodium

    Heat engine efficiency and temp diff 60*C now given find the temp of heat source and sink- 325& 265*C

    For 1st order rxn in porus catalyst thiele modulus is 10 then effectiveness factor is- 0.1

    For gas phase rxn 2A-->B, feed consists 80 mole% A and 20 mole% inerts. if the conversion of A at the reactor exit is 50% then Ca/Ca0 at reactor outlet- 5/8

    A pulse tracer is introduced in an ideal CSTR at time t=0,time taken for the exit conc. of the tracer to reach of of its initial value- 0.693*t

    A batch adiabatic reactor with an initial temp. of 373K is used for the rxn A-->B. Assume heat of rxn is -1kJ/mol at 373K and heat capacity of both A and B is constant 50J/mol.K. The temp rise for the conversion of 0.5- 10*C

    Moles of Air used for complete combustion of C3H8-

    Molar composition of a gas is 10% H2, 10% O2, 30% CO2, and balance H2O. Now 50% H2O condenses then the final mole % of H2 in the gas on dry basis- 20%

    A pitot tube indicates 5cm of water when it is used for measuring velocity of air. velocity of air in m/s is- 28.2

    real gas approaches ideal behavior when- pressure<1 and Temp>1

    Rxn between Gleceride and Aldehyde- Transesterification

    An alkaline solution is used to reduce the conc. of CO2 in a stream from 10% to 0.1% by absorption with irreversible chemical rxn. The overall NTU based on gas phase is- 4.605

    Multiple effect evaporator has capacity to process 4000kg of solid caustic soda per day when it is concentrating from 10% to 35% water. The water evaporated in kg/day is- 27,500

  61. itni biology ati hoti to mbbs kar leta yaron.. CA kyu kia hai.. kuch kaam ka puch lo gen awarenes me bhi :-/

  62. itni biology ati hoti to mbbs kar leta yaron.. CA kyu kia hai.. kuch kaam ka puch lo gen awarenes me bhi :-/

  63. when the result will declare.......

  64. Hi Anurudh, Please can you get the questions of GT 2012 Applied Petroleum Engineering/Reservoir Engineering????? Please it would be of immense help to me.

  65. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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