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BEL Probationary engineer(PE) Paper-2012

   BEL has conducted the written test for the recruitment of the engineers (Probationary engineers) for 2012 on  1st JUL 2012 as scheduled. The exam conducted in the two slot in the same days.The review of the written test is given as.....

Review of the Paper for Electronics 

The Paper consist of the total 150 questions each carrying one marks. the duration of the examination was 150 min (2 hours 30 min.).
Paper consist two part one is non technical (general English + Mathematics) and another is the technical part. But the partition  is not declared in the paper  and both part is in the sequence. The pattern of the paper as given below….
I am writing this help who are going to attempt the first time written test. As the policy of the BEL the test paper not allowed to take with them. So very difficult to give the correct questions asked in the test.
The each question carry 1 marks for correct answer and 0.25 marks deducted for the every wrong answer,
Part 1- it consist of the General English and mathematics as. Total no. question based on this section is as around 50.
1.       General English
Paragraph based- 2 question
Sentence correction question based on the grammar
Based on the vocabulary
Choosing correct word for the given sentence etc..
2.       Quant. And Mathematics.
In the quant section there is questions based on the  data interpretation and the questions given is very hard as I think and after asking his friends due the limited timing of the paper.

The questions also based on the logical questions as e.g.
    Q. statements
        a. all chairs are the sofas.
        b. some tables are the sofas.
        c. all stools are the tables.

1)      Only Ist follow.
2)      Both Ist and IInd follow
3)      ..
4)      ..
The mathematics few quest are from the (10+2) standards based on the SET theory, Functions, Ven diagram, Differential equations.
The question from the Higher mathematics as from the newton rapson formula, simpson’s rule. These question are very difficult to calculate without use of the calculator because the answer asked upto three decimal digits.
Part 2 : Technical section:
         This section consists of around 100 Questions. All questions are from the technical subjects some of them is time taken and numerical types and few of them is one word answer.
Electronics devices:  questions are from the electric field based asked for the calculate the electrics field. Effect of the temp on the various temp such as forward voltages and current  and numerical based on that.
Control system: questions from the minimum and non-minimum phase function. Calculate the error response of the given transfer function. Bode plot.
Signal and systems: the question from this part is more compared to others and as equal as digital electronics. The questions are from the causality. The effect of the cascading two functions on linearity and causality and many others…
Digital Electronics:  the questions from the ADC, DAC, register counter, j-k flip-flops, race around condition, combination circuits, k-map, no gate required for any given logic, multiplexers. This section also dominant in the paper.
Communication system:   few questions from this section which is Am modulation, SSB-Sc, noise and digital  communication basic.
Microwave: three or four question from this section based on TWT and Klystron and rectangular and circular waveguide.
Analog electronics:  this section also have the more contribution on the paper. Questions  are from Diode application, amplifier, feedback amplifier, op-amp based numerical etc..
EMFT:  the questions from the potential and electric field.
Microprocessor: the questions from the memory based on the general terms of the microprocessor.
Network: questions from the thevnin’s , norton’s, max power theorem, two port network transient analysis etc.
And few questions from the remaining subjects.

My experience:

   This is my first attempt of the BEL. I am writing the this blog for coming examination and it may be useful who are going to their first attempt as I think.
Before I am going to test we search very much about the paper pattern but no exact data is available on the web. So I write this blog for newcomers and also invited the suggestions from who have already attempt the test.
From my point of view the technical questions is simple compared to the nontechnical section and consumes less time. So attempting the technical part previously may be more beneficial  and we can score more in that section easily. The paragraph in the paper is given is very large and only two questions based on that so try to attempt this part in last.
Perhaps 90+ correct questions is safe for the interview  and cut-off may be around this.

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    1. result will be announced last days of July or up to 1st week of august.

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